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2018 Nissan GT-R police car Tochigi


Crown Vic?


This is a Nissan GT-R generously donated by a happy Nissan customer to the police in Tochigi, Japan. It is not destined for the show circuit.

You've seen supercar police vehicles in the past: Dubai's Bugatti Veyron, the Caparo T1 rapid response vehicle, or Australia's BMW i8 cop car. But as often as not, the cars are promotional vehicles, destined for a show car circuit to foster relationships between the police and the public. Sometimes the vehicles receive limited use, as is the case with Italy's organ transplant Lamborghini Gallardo.


2018 Nissan GTR police car rear


This is not the case with the Nissan GT-R, which is an everyday supercar in the hands of regular consumers and can be an everyday supercar police vehicle in the hands of the local constabulary. "Nissan says the vehicle will actually be used as a patrol car in the region," AutoGuidereports. 

You won't want to even think of pulling away from the GT-R, which accelerates from nought to 100 kmh in less than three seconds with absolutely no traction difficulties. The all-wheel-drive GT-R is an all-season police car, as well, something that can't be said for many bygone rear-wheel-drive police cars here in Canada.


Be on the lookout when you're driving north out of Tokyo.


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